Plain Talk
    by Robert Turner

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      J.T.Smith/Roy Deaver
Gwin/Reeves Debate on
     divorce/remarriage - audio
Bright/Jackson Debate on the
     duration of miracles - video
Bright/Donahue Debate on the per-
    sonal indwelling of the HS - video
Warren/Flew Debate on the
    existence of God. - video
Lectures on Mormonism
Maurice Barnett - 2003
Lecture 1  Lecture 2  
Lecture 3  Lecture 4  
Lecture 5

Audio Lectures on the Holy Spirit by Frank Puckett
Person of the Holy Spirit
Work of the Holy Spirit
Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

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The Godhead
The Substitution Theory
By Maurice Barnett
Substitutionary Atonement
Outlline by Gene Frost
Stone/Campbell Debate
on Atonement
From the Millennial Harbinger
by Gene Taylor
Was Jesus Abandoned
On the cross?
The Cup
Jesus wanted removed
  in the garden.
Isaiah 53
  Prophesies about Jesus.
The Subjection of Jesus
The Scapegoat
The Priesthood of Christ

What Kind of Sinner
Was Jesus?
Bible Class Material
Google Earth
Speak and Write Correctly
English Dictionary
Grammar Now
Bible At Your Fingertip
 Many versions. Handy.
The Bible on 1 Sheet of Paper
20 English versions - many
 foreign Tr. - Nestle Greek
Look up a Passage
in many translations
SDA Renounced - Canright
SDA Ellen White Exposed Great     research site.
More Adventist articles/websites
  Great for research.
Pirates of Privilege by Walter Rea.

Audio - Video
Cults and Denominations
Jehovah's Witnesses
Russell's Grave - includes lots of
     Photos and documents (thanks to       Dave Brown for the file)
1875-1880 - Herald of the          Morning
1877 "The Object and Manner
   of the Lord's Return" CTR
1879 Herald of the Morning
1879-1916 Watch Tower
   Magazine - first edition+
1881 - Food for Thinking
1903 Russell/Eaton Debate
1907 Russell/White Debate   
1910 Great Pyramid Passages
   (Large file, slow loading)
1913 Pyramidology
1913 Divine Plan of the Pyramid
1915 J.Rutherford/John Troy        Debate
1915 Rejecting Millennial Dawn
1909-1916 Brooklyn Eagle
1917 Studies, Vol. 7
1917 Light After Darkness -
   Response of opposition to
     takeover of the Society.
1917 Harvest Siftings - Re-   
      sponse by Rutherford.
1918 Rutherford Arrest/Trial
1918 Letter by Woodworth one
  of the Leaders jailed for
    sedition by the U.S.
1919-1925 Clippings on Millions...
1920 Millions Living will Never Die
1930 Bethel House Rules
1931 Messenger
1940 Magazine article -    
  "Peddlers of Paradise"
1940 Judge 4 days
Seven Thunders of Millennial Dawn    1928 review of Russell and                  Rutherford
J.T.Smith/Roy Deaver
1984 Debate.  See Audio section
Foy E. Wallace articles
From Bible Banner 1938-1947
Barnett/Smelser - Discussion
  on Mark 10:11-12
Barnett/Watts Debate on
Barnett 1993 Articles in
  Gospel Anchor including
    an exchange
Barnett/Lydic Debate - Are
  all marriages holy?
Burgin/Cyrus Debate Burgin/Longhenry Debate
Parker/Broking Debate
Galloway/Waters Debate
Gwin/Reeves Debate - Audio
Does Matthew 5:31-32 Apply
  today?  Moore/Ramsey

Does "for fornication" Apply
  today?  Ramsey/Russell
1 Nephi 13:24-29 - Mormon
   claim that Bible doctrines  
    were removed.

Mormon Classics Library

Eight Myths of Mormonism Short videos on Mormonism
The True and Living Church
A modern splinter from LDS

Good Research site
The Twelve Mormon Apostates
  BYU Newspaper misprint
Jws and Jesus
Olin Moyle Trial Transcript
Suit against Rutherford
(slow loading)
Scotland Trial
 (Large file - slow loading)
Jehovah's Witnesses
By former members.
J.J. Ross 1913 Tract
About Russell
Opening a closed mind
Witnesses date setting
Long list of false dates
Predictions of 1975 in Awake!
Jehovah in the New Testament
The Divine Name
 in the New World Translation
The New World Translation
 and Hebrew versions
NWT A Better Translation?
The Tetragrammaton (Jehovah in the New World Translation
The Intermediate State
of The Dead
Handbook On Materialism
Debate notes on "Does man have an immortal spirit?"
Witnesses of Jehovah
book By Leonard Chretien
Gospel According to Jws        book By John Coffey
Apostles Of Denial
Book By Ed Gruss
Why I Reject Millennial Dawn
By W.C. Stevens
Great Research Website
Articles, debates, Down-
loadable books and research
on the name "Jehovah" and
More, all free.
Another Great Research Site
A host of original documents
Huge Archive of material
Armageddon Museum
Run the links
Audio Lectures
on Mormonism
Maurice Barnett - 2003
Lecture 1  Lecture 2
Lecture 3  Lecture 4
Lecture 5

Website of the Tanners
Many articles on Mormonism
From the experts on
The subject

Legacy: A Distorted View of Mormon History - The truth
about the violent nature of Joseph Smith/early Mormons.

JW Material
by Maurice Barnett
Update of two vols. on JWs

Part 1 - History -
Organization -
failed Prophecies - NWT

Part 2 - Documents - Moyle Letters, Russell's court trials, failures - coverup & more.

Part 3 - Deity of Jesus
and the Holy Spirit

Part 4 - Nature of man,
Soul/Spirit, Death, Mortal,

Part 5 - Resurretion, Judgement, Eternal Punishment, 144,000 Dual Class System

When a Jehovah's Witness
Calls at your door
Studying With Witnesses

Video Clips about Jws - See
Audio/Video Section below

1942 Consolation Magazine
Very large file - slooow load
- The year Rutherford died
- Changes in the Society
- Society on War with Japan
- Beth Sarim - Beth Shan
Interesting research site
(Thanks to Dave Brown for file)
Randall Watters website
A former JW.  Up to date news on the Watchtower and other useful material.
The "Generation" History
Page 5 Page 7 Home
Also see Audio/Video below

Debate on FreeMasonry
Rogers/Baker Debate on Dispensationalism
Porter/Tingley Debate
Holy Spirit in conversion and
Baptism for remission of sins
On Bible classes and
mutual ministry.
Sommer/Miller Debate
The Kingdom, Trine Immersion
Footwashing, the Holy Kiss
Boswell/Hardeman -
 1924, on instrumental music
Daniel Sommer/Robert Miller    1889 on the Kingdom, immersion,  Holy kiss, and foot washing
Washing and Communion
Clubb/Bole - 1927, on
instrumental music.
Current information on Jehovah's Witnesses on Video Clips
Governing Body
Between the Lines
Don Cameron
Against Itself
Part 1 - Leaders Inspired?
The Gathering to Zion

Part 2 - Failed Prophesies
Second Coming - Civil War

Part 3 - The Book of Mormon
Manner of translaton,changes

Part 4 - Changes in
the Doctrine and Covenants

Part 5 - Bible Verses
Mormons use to support BOM

Part 6 - Strange Teachings
More failed prophesies

Part 7 - More Failures/Changes
Word of Wisdom, Polygamy,
Adam-God Theory.
Page 2
1907 Charles T.Russell/   
   L.S.White Debate
1915 Judge Rutherford/
  John Troy Debate
Woods/Nunnery - 1946
  on baptism and apostasy.
Nichol/Hensler- 1959
  On the kingdom.
Wallace/Barber - 1953, on
     Instrumental music
Windham/Mowery Debate on        Who Is Subject to the                 Gospel

Bible Authority
Each book in the class material is arranged for thirteen weeks.  The books furnish a format for both daily home study and in-class instruction.   This program is designed as an aid both to adult daily study and to parents’ personal obligation of home study with their children.  All members of the congregation receive one or more copies of the lesson book at the beginning of the thirteen week study. This helps prepare for each following week.  Each week’s lesson is divided into five sections for a Monday-Friday home study, one section per day.  Parents are expected to study at home with their children each of those days taking the section of comments and scriptures for a given day.  The memory verse is, of course, to be committed to memory.  You should begin the memory work on day 1 so it can be reinforced the rest of the days of that week.
If used for Sunday Bible class, the teacher will go over the entire page for that particular week in class.  Each student will recite the memory verse he/she learned that week.  This will impress on the students the subject of the week as well the memory verse.
Thanks go to Arnold Schnabel for the concept in this study approach and for most of the lesson books found here.  Using the format like the books in this section, any competent teacher can construct his or her own studies on any number of subjects that are not included here.  

For a large number of
rare books, periodicals and debates, in .pdf, audio
and video formats, see
Bennie Johns' Website
Charts For Class or Personal Study

Other Websites with loads of material

Bennie Johns' Website

(Many old works and

hard to find material)

Jim Needham's Website

Brian Yeager's Website

Bob Myhan's Website

Bill Walton's Website

Mark Dunagan's Website

David Pratte's Website

Steve Rudd's Website

Gene Taylor's Website

Ed Bragwell's Website

Larry Rouse's Website

J.T. Smith's Website

(Gospel Truths Magazine)